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Paul Deegan in Everest summit bid
The expedition advisor for Glenn's 2003 expedition is about to launch his own bid to reach the roof of the world. Read more at

Public Speaking
Glenn is now offering a range of lectures and presentations. Click here for more information>

The team have returned safely to the UK after successfully reaching Everest Base Camp. More photos are now in the gallery. Press release coming soon.
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Limited edition copies of selected Everest expedition images are now for sale.
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Expedition Diary
Final diary entry click here>

Glenn Shaw Everest 2003 Nominated Charity
The Outward Bound Trust


the man

Glenn has suffered from birth with a bone condition commonly known as 'Brittle Bones' and has been confined to a wheelchair all of his life. He knows that even a simple fall could cripple him for life or kill him outright.

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the challenge

The aim of the expedition is for the team to assist Glenn in achieving his ambition of climbing to Base Camp situated at 5500m (18,000ft) on the North Face of Mount Everest in Tibet.

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the chair

Glenn will attempt to wheel himself to the Base Camp with the aid of his unique Swiss-built 'Everest Wheelchair' which has been constructed by Invacare/Küschall to Glenn's specifications.

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