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Would you, your company or organisation like to hear first hand what it is like to tackle the slopes of Everest in a wheelchair or to kayak through the ice-choked seas of Antarctica? Or maybe you would like to hear what motivates Glenn to risk life and limb in pursuit of his adventures.

Glenn has travelled to some of the most remote and inaccessible places on earth, all in a wheelchair and with a potentially fatal bone condition. He delivers his lectures with an enthusiasm and passion that cannot fail to leave his audience enthralled, moved and inspired in equal measure.

Glenn is now offering a range of lectures and presentations to suit a variety of occasions from after dinner speaking to employee motivation. Below are some examples of Glenn's current lecture topics.

Lecture 1 - Everest 2003

In 1997 Glenn very nearly lost his life on the southern side of the Mt. Everest. During Glenn's return Journey from Antarctica in 2002 he came up with the idea of a return trip to Everest, this time to the north side of the mountain. So after 16 months of planning Glenn and his hand picked team left these shores bound for Kathmandu and then onto Tibet with the goal of reaching the Base Camp of Everest, high on its northern flanks.

Hear about Glenn's struggle with the elements and the gruelling trek to reach his goal. And enjoy lighter moments like the time a yak charged Glenn as he ate his lunch!

Glenn at Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Lecture 2 - Antarctica 2001/02

As 2001 drew to a close Glenn and his fellow adventurer Paul Deegan set sail bound for Antarctica.

Hear first hand what it is like to take on 9 metre waves rounding Cape Horn on the journey to the worlds most remote and desolate continent. In this lecture Glenn recalls his passion for kayaking in nature's freezer and the freedom he felt being in what he considers to be paradise.


Lecture 3 "What makes Glenn tick?"

So what makes Glenn tick? It is a question that many have asked including Glenn himself!

This lecture will give you a round up of where he's been and why he went there. Bearing in mind that he is a wheelchair user with the added difficulty of a bone condition that is commonly known as 'Brittle Bones'.

A thought provoking lecture.

Each of the above lectures use a number of mediums - Video, slides, photographic prints and maps - so Glenn may require the use of projectors and video equipment. Each of the above lectures last for approximately 40 mins with an opportunity for questions from the audience afterwards.

In addition Glenn is available for 'after dinner chats', personal appearances and PR events all of which can be tailored to any requirement.

If you're interested, contact Glenn at to discuss your requirements.


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