the lannie

In June 1998 Glenn set about converting his newly purchased Land Rover Defender 90 from a manual to an Automatic and completing other modifications along the way like the installation of electric windows, refrigerator, GPS navigation & communication systems.

Not content with the above modifications during the winter of 2001 Glenn decided to install a fully operational kitchen complete with a two burner cook top, kitchen sink, on board water tanks and additional batteries to power all of the equipment.

That has turned a rather run of the mill Land Rover into a custom built home from home with the capabilities of taking Glenn to the ends of the earth and back again.

As a finishing touch a CD player has been added to ease the countless hours spent driving up and down the motorways of Britain and beyond.

Glenn has declared the project finished. He takes the view that his Land Rover is a workhorse and valued part of his toolkit that enables him to do what ever he wants when he wants.

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